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Monday, May 12, 2014

Countdown to World Cup 2014 Brazil!

In our house, I have to admit, there are no diehard fĂștbol fans... but there are 3 diehard fans of travel, geography, and languages, and 2 who love sport. Combine those elements, and you've got the World Cup!

In just 31 days, on June 12th, 32 teams will begin a 32 day long competition, with one victor emerging on July 13th. If you'd like to take advantage of this "countdown period" to infuse some global awareness into your family's enthusiasm for World Cup, head over to my facebook page for a new fan FREEBIE:

For each day of the countdown, post the flag of one of the competing nations, and learn all the countries by the opening game.

Please note that the countdown officially began on Sunday, so Monday starters should post Uruguay, #31.

Having trouble figuring out how to access this fan freebie? Look for this button on my facebook page:
(Hint: it's right next to the "thumbs up - Likes" button.)

For more World Cup info and trivia, Mommy Maestra has a great post up today. Check it out here!

Some fun ideas for World Cup face painting, a lively music video or two, and other World Cup related pins are filling up my new "World Cup - Copa Mundial" pinterest board, too.

And watch later in the week for a fun activity pack coming from Multicultural Kid Blogs!

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