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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

a Grammar Disclaimer of sorts

I've been meaning to post this grammar disclaimer for some time, because I know it's just a matter of time before I hear about this from someone... and with a professor of linguistics and other grammar enthusiasts in the family, I'm pretty sure I would eventually hear about it from someone. (You know who you are!) So here is my disclaimer:

Despite what you read here,

I do know correct grammar. Really, I do.

Depending on your background, you may be shocked to come to the blog of a language-loving Speech-Language Pathologist and find sentence fragments. And sentences beginning with "And." Or sentences beginning with "Or." ...Etc. (Or even "Etc." being its own sentence!)

But I assure you, I do know correct grammar. In fact, grammar was often the focus of dinnertime discussion when I was growing up. Really. And it continues to be analyzed for fun (really!) in our family to this day.

This could be my parents' uniform!

However, I also understand the need to minimize the cognitive load of language processing in order to maximize the benefits of today's social media. Sentence fragments can do the parsing for the blog reader, allowing him/her to skim at a pace befitting the task. The same reader might not (should not!) tolerate this style of writing in a novel or textbook, but it is practically expected in social media. And rightly so, when you recall something from Communication 101:

Language = Form + Content + Use

Bloggers may alter the form and content to match their use. It's a techie version of code-switching, and is one of the beauties of a living language! (Can you imagine a blog being written in a "dead" language?! Ancient Greek blogging, anyone?)

Any other grammar lovers out there who have let go of some rules 
to embrace the living language of social media? 

Hey Fellow Grammar Lovers: the T-shirt is available from amazon and cafepress. Cafepress also has mugs and other fun little gifties with this same message. I might just have my family's Christmas shopping in the bag -pardon the pun- with this one!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this shirt over in the TpT forum! Caitlin (www.The-Room-Mom.com)