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Monday, June 30, 2014

Canada Day, 2014 - FREEBIE!

In honor of the 147th birthday of our neighbor to the North tomorrow, please enjoy this FREE coloring sheet!

Click image to download.

Happy Canada Day!

Graphics by Educlips & Creative Clips

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Campamento Widjiwagan, Week Four - Marshmallow Shooters!

Our last week of the month-long Campamento Widjiwagan experience... I have to admit, I'm feeling a little bit sad that it's almost over. It has been so much fun, reliving old summer camp memories, and creating some new ones, all while reviewing Spanish kindergarten skills.

So far this week, Mag has reviewed the math, literacy, and science skills of:

  • tens & ones awareness
  • telling time to the hour
  • adding coins
  • 3-d shapes
  • initial sounds
  • syllable awareness
  • word endings by number and gender
  • composing short sentences
  • buoyancy 

As always, a highlight at Campamento Widji has been our summer camp extra-curriculars!

Today's fun included... what else, but: marshmallows! We pulled this fun one right from the Campamento Widjiwagan Pinterest board: Marshmallow Shooters! We followed Laura's directions from Come Together Kids, summarized below:

Instructions for Marshmallow Shooters

  1. Gather plastic party cups and balloons, one of each per person.
  2. Cut off the bottoms of the cups.
  3. Tie off the ends of the uninflated balloons, then cut off the top end.
  4. Stretch a Tied-off & cut balloon over the mouth of a cut-off cup.
  5. Then drop a mini-marshmallow into the cup and point the cup upward and away.
  6. Pull the knot of the balloon toward you, then release, and watch the fun unfurl!
Just two more days of our Campamento Widjiwagan fun, then a week off for a 4th of July holiday, and on to our next adventure. Always more fun ahead!

And you? How are you keeping summer review fun?

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Campamento Widjiwagan, Week Three - Marshmallow Painting!

Continuing on with Week Three of our month-long Campamento Widjiwagan experience... the fun and learning continue!

Mag's enchantment with our summer review book has not worn off! It's the first thing she does every morning, even before asking what time we're going to the pool!

Some of the math, literacy, and science skills we have been reviewing include:
  • story problem addition, 
  • coins, 
  • telling time to the hour, 
  • 3-D shapes,
  • beginning sounds,
  • syllable awareness,
  • rhyming words,
  • basic sentence formulation,
  • and awareness of the 5 senses.

But you know, Camp Widji is not all work! We've continued our camp-style activities this week, all right from the Campamento Widjiwagan Pinterest board, with the theme of Marshmallow Fun!

Today's activity is marshmallow painting (the inspiration pin here, originating from Australia's "Tippytoe Crafts"). So simple and fun, I can't believe I'd never seen this before.

I have to admit, the novelty of this medium was so intriguing, I had to jump in and try it, too! But I'll spare you my chef d'oeuvre.

Another week at Campamento Widji still to come...

How is your summer review going?

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Campamento Widjiwagan, Week Two - S'mores Bars!

A bit of an illness in the house kept us from most of our plans this week, with much of our Campamento Widjiwagan and World Cup activities being put on hold. Sigh.

We did, however, keep up with our Camp Widji review book, and even squeezed in a new favorite camp treat:
S'mores Bars!

Inspired by S'mores Cookies (from The Girl Who Ate Everything, here) and S'mores Blossoms (from Chocolate Moosey, here), our own recipe for S'mores Bars was super quick and easy... you can put them together in minutes, and be out the door to a neighborhood BBQ with a yummy treat in hand, no stress. (I should warn you, though: you might just be tempted to stay home and eat them all yourself!)

Want to try these yourself? Late for a BBQ party? Click the recipe image here below to download the printable recipe for this new favorite campfire-worthy treat!

Hope to see you next week with more marshmallow fun, 
and other Campamento happenings!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Campamento Widjiwagan, Day 5 - Review Day & a Game

Friday was the last day of Week One of our month-long Campamento Widjiwagan experience; how could that be? Wow, time flies in the summer! Right?!!

This Friday, like every Mon/Wed/Fri at Campamento Widjiwagan, was Academic Review Day. Our review focused on making & using a graph, skip-counting, using syllables to make a word, and word endings by gender.

Mag has loved doing the review pages so much that she has been asking to work ahead in her book. Fortunately, I knew this was coming (since she felt the same way when working on our Christmas review book and spring break review book), so I was prepared. I had ready in the wings a Campamento Widjiwagan Game Pack, waiting for the day Mag would rather do more review than a camp craft. And this was that day!

The Widji game pack includes 2 game board styles, 180+ review cards for math and literacy, and multiple options for play. This time, we practiced reading high frequency words (sometimes called sight words) in Spanish, as we raced back to camp. Oh, and stopped for a few marshmallows along the way, whenever we were lucky enough to land on a "fogata" (campfire) spot on the game board. Mmmm!

And thus concludes Week One at Campamento Widjiwagan. Next week we will continue our camp experience with Week Two. However, we won't be doing a camp post daily in Week Two, as I may need some blog space to post about our World Cup activities.

So many exciting things going on this time of year! 

What's happening in your world as summer begins?

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Campamento Widjiwagan, Day 4 - Book Report & a Camp Toy

Wow! It's Thursday already, Day Four of our month-long Campamento Widjiwagan experience.

Every Thursday at Campamento Widjiwagan is Book Report Day.

We've read lots of picture books and a chapter book this week, and today, on Book Report Day, Mag chose a book from the week to complete our weekly write-up: "Clifford va a la escuela de perros" (by Norman Bridwell). She recorded the title, author, main character, and setting, as well as drawing and writing a sentence about a favorite moment from the story.

Besides being Book Report Thursday, we had another special event "at camp" today: Daddy was home for the afternoon. Yay! So Mag's camp craft for today was a father-daughter activity... building and using a marshmallow launcher!

This rustic and fun camp toy comes right off the Campamento Widjiwagan Pinterest board. (Following the pin backwards leads to Baker County 4-H. Good times on the Florida-Georgia border, it seems!)

With a little practice and some precision adjustments, the Widji catapults launched mini-marshmallows as far as 6 feet forward... although somehow my attempts seemed to average about 3 feet backward. I guess I'm not the physics pro in the family. Well, another chance next week with a second marshmallow launching activity on its way.

Join us tomorrow for the finale of Week One at Campamento Widjiwagan...

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Campamento Widjiwagan, Day 3 - Review Day & a Snack

We're continuing Week One of our month-long Campamento Widjiwagan experience.

Today is Day Three, and like each Mon/Wed/Fri at Campamento Widji, it featured an academic skills review page. Day Three reviews syllable segmenting, medial sounds, comparing double digit numbers, and telling time to the hour.

In addition to our skills review, we also had a yummmmmy camp snack: s'mores mix!

S'mores mix comes straight from the Campamento Widjiwagan Pinterest board. (The pin originated here, at "Cindy DeRosier: My Creative Life"... check out the funny story that opens her s'mores mix post while you're there. Teachers will surely sympathize!)

Our S'mores Mix recipe:
  • Golden Grahams cereal - 2 parts
  • mini-marshmallows - 2 parts
  • chocolate covered peanuts - 1 part (but chocolate chips are more commonly used... and less expensive!)
Obviously, a very versatile and adjustable recipe. By request, we'll make Mag's next batch with chocolate chips instead of the choco-nuts... whereas I'll be doubling the choco-nuts in mine!

Tip: depending on the brand of marshmallows, the humidity in the air, etc, the cereal may soften overnight, or in a day or 2, so I wouldn't advise making and storing this mix in large batches.

This was soooo yummy; I see more s'mores-esque treats in our future! Any favorite s'mores treats out there? Do share! And then...

Stop in tomorrow for our first Widji book report, 
and another camp craft!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Campamento Widjiwagan, Day 2 - Science Review & a Craft

Because of my love of camping, it has been difficult to wait these last two weeks to introduce Mag to Campamento Widjiwagan; I've been very eager for her to get started! So yesterday was a very exciting Day One "at camp." Mag completed an academic skills review page in her Camp review book, and created a "sit-upon" craft.

Today, Day Two, is a Tuesday. And every Tuesday at Campamento Widjiwagan is Science Review Day.

This Tuesday we reviewed seasons with an "invierno / verano" sort.

(The remaining Tuesdays will feature the science concepts of: the 5 senses, living vs. non-living things, and buoyancy. For details, or to purchase our month-long review book, click here.)

In addition to our science review, we completed a camp craft, from among the many fun options on our Campamento Widjiwagan Pinterest board: campfire candles!
(Our campfire candles were inspired by this great lantern on "Here We Are Together." Thank you, Miri!)

To make the event a little more special, we invited two more neighborhood "Campistas" to join us in the craft, thus los seis brazos de campistas in the picture.

To make campfire candles:
  • Cut yellow, orange, and red tissue paper into flame-like shapes.
  • Spread Mod Podge or watered down glue onto a glass, candle holder, empty jar, or anything similar, and apply paper flames.
  • Put a battery powered candle into the glass.
  • And voilà! Instant indoor campfire! 
The girls had a blast building a tent out of dining room chairs and some blankets, and having an indoor, mid-afternoon camp-out with their self-made campfires! I have a feeling Mag's little indoor campfire will be an ever-present fixture in our summer review work!

Check in tomorrow for another academic review day, 
plus a yummy camp snack!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Campamento Widjiwagan, Day 1 - Academic Review & a Craft

Today began our long-awaited "Campamento Widjiwagan*" experience.
(*Widjiwagan is a word from the Native American Ojibwa tribe, and means "lifelong friend.")

Campamento Widjiwagan is a month-long, summer camp themed, kindergarten review program. Each day, Monday through Friday, for the month of June, Mag and I will be completing one page of an academic skills review book, as well as one quintessential summer camp activity. (I have amassed a collection of camp activities to choose from, here on my CW Pinterest board.)

Today, Day One of our Campamento Widjiwagan escapade included a skills review page (covering math & literacy skills in Spanish: 3-D shapes, 10s and 1s awareness, rhyming words, and sentence formulation), and the one craft that starts every good camp experience:
the sit-upon.

Remember the good old sit-upon? In the 80s, they were most often made from a stack of newspaper, with a square of wallpaper laced together onto the front and back. I remember making them; not so much using them. But a kid's gotta make one, or it's just not summer camp. Right?!

There are many materials you can use for a sit-upon:
  • tablecloth vinyl over polar fleece remnants,
  • wallpaper over newspaper,
  • black-out/thermal curtain lining over thick bubble wrap
  • anything semi-waterproof over anything semi-cushiony.

And there are just as many ways to make your sit-upon:
  • hole-punch around the edges of the cover and lace together with yarn,
  • staple around the edges,
  • duct tape the edges,
  • hand stitch,
  • or sew with a machine.

We used a picnic tablecloth cut to 13" by 26" and stuffed with polar fleece. The sit-upon gave Mag got her first experience with a sewing machine. I drew a sewing line onto the fabric for her to follow, she did a practice run on a remnant to get a feel for the foot pedal, and then she was off. It actually turned out perfectly; she was very pleased and proud of her work!

And so now, as we continue our time at Campamento Widjiwagan, Mag will have a nice cushy square to "sit-upon."

Join us tomorrow for a science review page, and a fun fire craft.

And you? How are you keeping academic skills fun and fresh this summer?

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Campamento Widjiwagan, the Prelude

Camping is such a major part of my summer memories. I grew up camping every summer, and eventually spent 2 summers in college as a camp counselor. Somehow, it's just not summer without camping.

And you know, I don't know what it is, but when you're camping, it feels like the summer will never end. Have you ever felt that mysterious, magical feeling of a never-ending summer, a feeling that only camping can bring? Ah, I just love it. And I miss it.

And that is why, when deciding on a theme for our kindergarten summer review packet, it only took a moment to come up with an idea. Summer Camp!

Tomorrow Mag and I will begin the month-long Campamento Widjiwagan experience. Campamento Widjiwagan is a fictional summer camp, led by 2 fun, Spanish-speaking counselors, el Guía Daniel and la Guía Laura.

Each day, Monday through Friday, for the month of June (or any month you'd like to begin), the counselors will lead "Campistas" through a 20-day activity book, reviewing skills and concepts learned in kindergarten... and all in Spanish! 

Click the image to learn more about, or to purchase, Campamento Widjiwagan.

In addition to the super awesome review packet, our Campamento Widjiwagan experience will also include many of the tried and true quintessential camp crafts and activities you might remember from your own childhood. You can get a peak at some of those fun memories on my Campamento Widjiwagan Pinterest board. Tomorrow's kick-off craft is one you're sure to remember, so check back in then, and re-live some fond memories of summers gone-by!