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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Campamento Widjiwagan, Day 5 - Review Day & a Game

Friday was the last day of Week One of our month-long Campamento Widjiwagan experience; how could that be? Wow, time flies in the summer! Right?!!

This Friday, like every Mon/Wed/Fri at Campamento Widjiwagan, was Academic Review Day. Our review focused on making & using a graph, skip-counting, using syllables to make a word, and word endings by gender.

Mag has loved doing the review pages so much that she has been asking to work ahead in her book. Fortunately, I knew this was coming (since she felt the same way when working on our Christmas review book and spring break review book), so I was prepared. I had ready in the wings a Campamento Widjiwagan Game Pack, waiting for the day Mag would rather do more review than a camp craft. And this was that day!

The Widji game pack includes 2 game board styles, 180+ review cards for math and literacy, and multiple options for play. This time, we practiced reading high frequency words (sometimes called sight words) in Spanish, as we raced back to camp. Oh, and stopped for a few marshmallows along the way, whenever we were lucky enough to land on a "fogata" (campfire) spot on the game board. Mmmm!

And thus concludes Week One at Campamento Widjiwagan. Next week we will continue our camp experience with Week Two. However, we won't be doing a camp post daily in Week Two, as I may need some blog space to post about our World Cup activities.

So many exciting things going on this time of year! 

What's happening in your world as summer begins?

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