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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Campamento Widjiwagan, Day 2 - Science Review & a Craft

Because of my love of camping, it has been difficult to wait these last two weeks to introduce Mag to Campamento Widjiwagan; I've been very eager for her to get started! So yesterday was a very exciting Day One "at camp." Mag completed an academic skills review page in her Camp review book, and created a "sit-upon" craft.

Today, Day Two, is a Tuesday. And every Tuesday at Campamento Widjiwagan is Science Review Day.

This Tuesday we reviewed seasons with an "invierno / verano" sort.

(The remaining Tuesdays will feature the science concepts of: the 5 senses, living vs. non-living things, and buoyancy. For details, or to purchase our month-long review book, click here.)

In addition to our science review, we completed a camp craft, from among the many fun options on our Campamento Widjiwagan Pinterest board: campfire candles!
(Our campfire candles were inspired by this great lantern on "Here We Are Together." Thank you, Miri!)

To make the event a little more special, we invited two more neighborhood "Campistas" to join us in the craft, thus los seis brazos de campistas in the picture.

To make campfire candles:
  • Cut yellow, orange, and red tissue paper into flame-like shapes.
  • Spread Mod Podge or watered down glue onto a glass, candle holder, empty jar, or anything similar, and apply paper flames.
  • Put a battery powered candle into the glass.
  • And voilĂ ! Instant indoor campfire! 
The girls had a blast building a tent out of dining room chairs and some blankets, and having an indoor, mid-afternoon camp-out with their self-made campfires! I have a feeling Mag's little indoor campfire will be an ever-present fixture in our summer review work!

Check in tomorrow for another academic review day, 
plus a yummy camp snack!

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