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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Campamento Widjiwagan, Day 4 - Book Report & a Camp Toy

Wow! It's Thursday already, Day Four of our month-long Campamento Widjiwagan experience.

Every Thursday at Campamento Widjiwagan is Book Report Day.

We've read lots of picture books and a chapter book this week, and today, on Book Report Day, Mag chose a book from the week to complete our weekly write-up: "Clifford va a la escuela de perros" (by Norman Bridwell). She recorded the title, author, main character, and setting, as well as drawing and writing a sentence about a favorite moment from the story.

Besides being Book Report Thursday, we had another special event "at camp" today: Daddy was home for the afternoon. Yay! So Mag's camp craft for today was a father-daughter activity... building and using a marshmallow launcher!

This rustic and fun camp toy comes right off the Campamento Widjiwagan Pinterest board. (Following the pin backwards leads to Baker County 4-H. Good times on the Florida-Georgia border, it seems!)

With a little practice and some precision adjustments, the Widji catapults launched mini-marshmallows as far as 6 feet forward... although somehow my attempts seemed to average about 3 feet backward. I guess I'm not the physics pro in the family. Well, another chance next week with a second marshmallow launching activity on its way.

Join us tomorrow for the finale of Week One at Campamento Widjiwagan...

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