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Friday, August 9, 2013

Blog Update: En Vacances

Ah, I just love blogging. I do. Or more accurately, I just love writing, and blogging is an exciting medium (not to mention a fun connection to a really neat group of fellow globe trekkers). Normally, at any moment in the day, I am probably either writing, thinking about writing, revising some writing, wishing I were writing, or counting the minutes until I have some free time to get in some writing. See a theme?

But in recent weeks, you may have noticed the frequency of my posting has dropped off a little bit. Okay, quite a bit.

Anyone who has lived past 35 probably knows that certain phases of life throw you things that demand your full attention, and I find myself in the middle of such a phase at this very moment. As much as I would love to continue blogging through the storm, I am finding that dividing my attention is getting me nowhere, on either front. And so, as of today, Open Wide the World is officially "en vacances" (on vacation).

I very much look forward to the day when I can return to blogging with the whole-hearted focus it deserves; I can only hope the blogosphere will welcome me back on that day...

à très bientôt!

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