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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Ready for World Cup 2014 Brazil? · MKB's Activity Pack

I know you couldn't tell it by looking around my blog, facebook page, and pinterest boards recently, but, as I mentioned before, we're not actually big fútbol fans here. I know, it's a shameful admission right before the biggest event of the fútbol quadrennium. (Yes, believe it or not, quadrennium is truly the word for a 4-year time period. Who knew?)

So why, then, are World Cup images and products posted everywhere you look around here? Simple: because although we don't know tons about the Cup, we love everything about the World!

International sporting events, world holidays, and major events of any sort all provide us with such fun and exciting (or sometimes even sad, but meaningful) opportunities to learn more about the world, and teach our children the same. And that is why we are embracing World Cup Mania in our household these days!

We began our "learn about the world through the World Cup" journey with a countdown to the World Cup, which is available as a facebook fan FREEBIE here, for just a short time longer. This countdown features all the flags of the nations competing in the 2014 cup, a new one each day.

Now that we're well on our way to knowing all 32 countries competing in this Cup (we're heading into Countdown Day 19), it's time to dive a little deeper into the World Cup frenzy, and have some fun with this great new activity pack from Multicultural Kid Blogs.

I was thrilled to team up with several other bloggers from the Multicultural Kid Blogs network to create this exciting packet! Such fun working with Alex & Valerie of Glittering Muffins, Monica of Mommy Maestra, not to mention our fearless leader, Leanna at All Done Monkey.

Check out this preview of a few of the activities included in this packet, which is created for kids from preschool through 4th grade... but the whole family will enjoy!

Vocab matching, design your own jersey, size sorting soccer cut & paste, word searches, nation name scrambles, flag matching, a score book, and the quirkiest hexagon-shaped nations' trivia books you've ever seen... these are some of the many activities that will entertain your family for the whole month of World Cup 2014 Brazil (a.k.a. June 12 through July 13).

Aproveite a Copa do Mundo!
(my attempt in Portuguese to say... "Enjoy the World Cup!")

*Wondering why this product is called "World Soccer Cup" and not just "World Cup"? No, it's not because we know so little about soccer that we named it wrong... FIFA actually has the words "World Cup" trademarked; no one else can legally use them together in any marketplace of any sort.

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