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Friday, July 4, 2014

Our World Cup Pinnacle

Yesterday was "the" big day for soccer at our house!

The France vs. Germany rival goes back many generations in our family. I am a third generation American of Alsatian descent, which means that my family and ancestors have, at various times, been:
  • politically & geographically French, but culturally German
  • politically & geographically German, and culturally German
  • politically & geographically French, and culturally French
  • and even politically Swedish for a short duration, just to keep things interesting.
My mother still remembers the older uncles and great uncles heatedly debating the degree to which our family is French vs. German. But with yesterday's match, we were all German... most likely because we're awaiting the birth of my German nephew in a matter of days, so we're a little more sentimental toward our German side right now. (You may remember my sister's wedding to a German last spring. Brrr!)

While the adults were absorbed in the game, I was so happy to have our World Soccer Cup Activity Pack for Kids to keep Mag engrossed in the action. She loved the idea of being our score keeper, and in the loooong stretch of scoreless time, the activity pages were equally engaging.

To preview the activity pack, or to purchase, click here.

It will be so nice to relax and not worry too much about the outcome of today' games... but come Tuesday: Go Deutschland!

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