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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Puerto Rico: the Taíno and Tibes


  1. Kuddos to you and your family for exploring Puerto Rico's history beyond the beaches, and piña colada! I am so glad you visited Tibes Indigenous Ceremonial Center. In our return to the island, I plan to take hubby and little one there for them to see. After all it's part of our son's heritage! Enjoy Puerto Rico and everything that it has to offer, and thanks for writing up this post. :) By the way, it's been pinned, and shared! :)

    1. So glad this post found you, Frances! I was thinking of you and your son, and the many families like yours, when we were visiting Tibes. I sure hope you do get to visit; it was an amazing experience! Thank you for the shares, too!

      Oh, and for the sake of full disclosure, I should admit to enjoying a piña colada or two during our visit. Heehee. :)