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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Je vous présente: Language Stars

When Mag was about a year and a half old, we enrolled her in an program called Language Stars. For an hour a week, she and I (or she and Kam) would meet with a few other parents and toddlers, and under the guidance of some very gifted teachers, we would play, sing, and learn, entirely in French.

The Parents and Tots program was phenomenal; the teachers unparalleled. More than 2 years since our last session, Mag still sings some of the songs and spontaneously uses numerous French phrases. I can only imagine where her French would be if life hadn't sent us in a different direction after our first year in the program.

Recently, we were thrilled to receive an invitation to return to Language Stars. (Okay, you don't actually have to be invited to attend the program. But an invitation has a way of making you feel special, doesn't it?) Because Mag is now significantly older this time around, she now participates in the Kids Only program. After our very positive experience with the Parents and Tots program, I had high expectation for the Kids Only program. It does not disappoint!

(I should mention that because we are weeks away from attending a wedding in Germany - and having a German brother-in-law! - Mag is taking a hiatus from French, as we all focus on learning some German.)

Check out how awesome Language Stars is!

After just 3 sessions of 85 minutes a week, Mag is already singing and counting in German, as well as using a few phrases on her own. With minimal support, she can respond to questions regarding name, age, colors, the weather, food preferences, and a few more, all thanks to Language Stars. (And a little back-up at home from me, because I LOVE creating language learning products!)

A few words from Language Stars' Founder Leslie Lancry, 
who is one of the few people who loves language more than I do:

If you are lucky enough to live near a Language Stars location (metro DC and greater Chicago), I encourage you to take full advantage of the Language Stars Free Trial Program. I all but guarantee you will love it!

Have you been to Language Stars? 

Do you know of another phenomenal language school? 

Tell us about it!



  1. It is excellent to hear about getting children interested in a second language early! Research has shown that learning and being fluent in a second language has lots of benefits: bilingual children outperform monolingual ones on tests of creativity; kids learning a second language have a bigger overall vocabulary (they potentially know twice as many words as a monolingual); and they have increased cognitive control and increased grey matter in left parietal regions of the brain. All of this doesn't just help them as kids. Recent studies show that people who speak two languages regularly and fluently see the onset of neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's up to 7 years later than monolinguals. So keep up all of your great work on teaching Mag a second language!

  2. Wowzers! We just love language for the way it opens up the world, and all the benefits it has in early learning. I had no idea that it had such significant life-long effects! Thanks so much for that information, Dr. KCC!!! I might have to do some research and post on that in the future. Hope you stop in again to keep us posted as research unfolds!

  3. Wow - that sounds like a great program. I am going to have to look into that! Love the blog by the way!

    Teaching in Blue Jeans

    1. Well, they're not in Texas... yet... but I hear Houston is one of their first stops when they expand. Hoping you're close, although I know TX is a big place.

      Thanks for the blog props! Nice to have you, especially on your birthday!