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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Je vous présente: Us!

In all the talk about our family background, somehow I missed the chance to actually introduce us. So here we are:
Kam, Julie, Mag, in SoCal, July 2012

Moi, c'est Julie. I am a former world-roamer, now Speech-Language Pathologist... but currently on hiatus from my career, home with our prekinder.

In the blogging world, our just-turned-5-year-old is called "Mag," short for "maganda," which means beautiful in Tagalog.

Why Tagalog? Because my husband, although he grew up in California, was born in Philippines. (Yes, I know, "Philippines" sounds uncomfortable when not prefaced by "The," doesn't it? But people from Philippines seem to rarely use "The" when referring to their home islands. Who knew?)

"Kam" will be hubby's name in my part of the blogosphere, short for "kakampi," meaning teammate in Tagalog.

So that's us: I'm Julie. Hubby the teammate is Kam. And our beautiful one is Mag.
Encantada de conocerte.

In Kürze: another introduction and a FREEBIE!

Je vous présente (French) = Introducing
Moi, c'est (French) = Me, I'm... (similar to "my name is...")
Encantada de conocerte. (Spanish) = Nice to meet you.
In Kürze (German) = Coming Soon


  1. Im glad I found your blog, it combines my two passions-traveling and teaching. Ill be living vicariously through you now lol. And your family is adorable

    1. Hi Celizamas, I'm glad you found my blog, too! Yes, not many things better than traveling and teaching/learning... except maybe eating! Yes, definitely live vicariously along with us! It will be nice to have you!

    2. Oh my goodness!! I love Mag's pose! How CUTE is she?!! What a good looking family you have!


    3. JoAn, how funny... I was just at your blog like a second ago! Thanks for the nice compliment on our family, and yes, Mag is a real cutie! With the personality to match!!!