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Monday, February 18, 2013

Je vous présente: TpT! And a FREEBIE!

Almost everyone has had some exposure to a foreign language. At the very least, most of us took a second language for a year or two in high school. Have you ever thought it would be fun to get back into it a little bit? Or maybe to give your kids a glimpse at a language you once enjoyed?

Assuming you answered "mais, oui!" to these questions, today I have a fun download for you. How about introducing your family to the months of the year in another language? I have created calendar toppers in both French and German, to inject a little language into our own daily routine, and wanted to share the fun.

Here is a quick peak at the German set:
german januar photo Capture1a_zps35e915b9.png
And a look at the French set:
tpt3 photo Capture2_zps8455ddde.png

But how do you access these? That's where my next introduction comes in...

Je vous présente: TpT, or Teachers Pay Teachers

What is Teachers Pay Teachers? Just about the funnest site ever! (If you love teaching and learning, that is.)

TpT calls themselves "an open marketplace for teachers." In essence, it's a collaborative group of teachers who create fabulous teaching units to share and sell, for one-another, and any interested lay people. TpT is just full of unlimited amazing resources, more that 80,000 of which are FREE!!!

To access those 80,000 freebies, head here and create an account. Yes, I know... I was reluctant, too, to create yet another account with yet another site when I first joined a year ago, but have never regretted it since! If you have a student/child who needs additional practice in any given area, and you'd like a fun way to practice, it's all but guaranteed you can find it on TpT... and very possibly for free! Mag actually enjoys looking through my searches with me and telling me which activities she'd like to try. They're cute, they're fun, they're educational, and often free, so I never have to say no. When else would you find a child asking for school work?

So if you'd like to download my FREE calendar toppers, head over to my little corner of TpT. And if you do download, TpT'ers always appreciate feedback! Thank you for leaving a comment at my store!!!

Je vous présente (French) = Introducing
Mais oui! (French) = an informal "of course!"
Profitez-en! (French) = Make the most of it!/Enjoy it!


  1. Hi! I'm so glad I found your blog on TPT - it's adorable! I am your newest follower ;)


    1. Hi Najat, I'm so glad you found my blog, too! Thanks for the nice words, and for following. I'm looking forward to checking out your blog, too... right now the blizzard seems to be slowing my connection, so I'm waiting for your blog to load. If I miss you tonight, I'll try again tomorrow... see you over there soon!