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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Culture Shock... at Home?

When I think about the thrill of getting to know new cultures, I am generally envisioning travels to far off, exciting destinations. The kinds of places you see in movies, or maybe read about, and just long to experience yourself one day.

This week, I realized that sometimes the thrill of culture shock can be right outside your own front door!

When I moved back to the Midwest after more than 2 decades away, I brought with me a Pacific Island husband, who spent most of his life in California, and our baby whom I delivered only steps (okay, 400 yards) from the beach. For them, THIS is culture shock:

 photo 84baa3a8-2183-4103-afd9-c2ad5f5b5bbc_zps22c31d58.jpg

And we have loved every minute of it!

Anyone else enjoying this winter weather?

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