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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Filling the Spare Suitcase

Only one of my sojourns in Paris - and the shortest of my visits - has been as a tourist, the others having been as a resident of the country, a holder of the beloved "carte de séjour." Because I have generally been remaining in the nation when leaving its premier city, I have never occupied myself with amassing tokens of my visit.

Suddenly, however, with this trip, I feel obsessed with accumulating as much memorabilia as possible, just in case this many years pass again before my next visit.

No, I'm not talking about bringing home a case full of miniature Eiffel Tower replicas, berets for all the neighbors, or a year's supply of frog leg soup. Yes, there are many things I know I won't be bringing home, but I love imagining what we will find...

Now, I'm sure that as soon as I'm back in the City of Light in a few days, I will have no difficulty filling a spare suitcase with de vrais trésors français. We are sure to discover many! Nonetheless, I thought it might be fun to ask:

What have been your favorite souvenirs to bring home from France?

Leave me your great finds in the comments! It will be fun to see which we can find!

de vrais trésors français (French) = some true French treasures


  1. It's pretty hard to *not* find something wonderful to bring back home. However, check out O & Co (several boutiques a Paris) for some pretty fab olive oils and especially the Modena Balsamic Vinegar. I love it so much I've had to order it a couple times since our last visit....absolument parfait pour les salades!


  2. I don't know if the French actually say this or not, but consider that suggestion as fait accompli! Merci for the tip!