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Sunday, March 17, 2013

la Semaine Sainte à Paris, and a FREEBIE!

We are furiously getting ready for an upcoming trip to Europe, which will include both a stay in Paris during Holy Week, and spending Easter week in Germany. Being abroad during the pinnacle of Church year will be an exciting opportunity to experience the mingling of foreign culture and religion.

Because of the timing of our trip over Holy Week and Easter, and because of the true purpose for our trip - my sister's wedding! - we are certain to attend at least two church services in each country. To prepare to participate, albeit minimally, in services in a foreign language, I have created some "cheat sheets" of the Lord's Prayer in French and German. (I have also included Spanish, in the hopes of future travels. Kam has long dreamed of visiting Spain, and I anxiously look forward to returning there, as some of my best times living in France were actually spent visiting Spain. But those are stories for another time...)

If a trip abroad is in your near future, perhaps you can make use of these multilingual prayer sheets. No need to wait for a trip abroad, though. Any time is a good time to learn a new language. And to pray!

The Lord's Prayer in French, Spanish, and German!

 photo Capture2_zpsf5ef8b9f.png

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Happy praying!

la Semaine Sainte à Paris (French) = Holy Week in Paris


  1. How exciting! Enjoy your trip and your sister's wedding!


    1. Speaking of exciting: congrats on your engagement!